Concrete raising with Polyurethane consists of drilling small 5/8'' holes through the slab, and pumping, under hydraulic pressure, flowable polyurethane underneath the slab. As the polyurethane flows beneath the surface, voids and depressions are filled and the slab is raised to achieve the desired height.

This method of raising concrete can be used to lift sidewalks, stoops, driveways, pool decks, garage floors, patios, factory floors, office floors, streets, and runways. Void filling can also be performed for stabilization and to fill holes caused by animals or soil erosion.

Concrete raising, concrete lifting or mudjacking is the alternative to costly replacement. Dry Otter Concrete Raising is committed to providing top quality services to homeowners, schools, churches, municipalities, property managers, and has a broad commercial base.

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Concrete Process

Benefits of Using Polyurethane (instead of mudjacking)

-Aesthetically pleasing
-Half the amount of holes
-Extremely clean process-no messy clean up
-Longer lasting-won't wash out
-5/8" holes versus 1.25"

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Concrete raising, concrete lifting, mudjacking...anyway you look at it, it's what we do!